Not sure if Ten or Legolas, nope not even going to try to choose!!! THEY'RE BOTH SO PERFECT OMFG!!!!!!!!!!

do I want the Doctor? No Do I want Edward Cullen? Hell No I want my arrow shooting, poetry speaking, pointy eared Elvish Prince Charming Legolas Greenleaf. Please, I want that elves daddy- Thranduil

Supernatural Pickup Lines  @awesomeaves

I think I would fall in love with any guy who said one of these to me. If some guy said the last one to me I would hit him in the face with a stick.<--- agreed My love for you burns brighter than Mary Winchester.

Oh Misha:

Misha Collins is the only man who would want to play a sweet cherub with hearts on his lapel over a bad ass angel

Mother of....

Death from Supernatural. "I will return tomorrow night with high expectations." << Death does like his food

Left down picture he looks like jimmy novak (castiel)

Left down picture he looks like jimmy novak (castiel) 😂🤔

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Cas and the Ghostfacers>> I need an episode with the Ghistfacers back together and meeting Cas. Or just an episode with the Ghostfacers back together. Or just an episode.


Did anyone else say it correctly while reading it? Comment if you did

This is one of my FAVORITE Dean scenes. The music is all epic and he's SO sure of himself... LMAO just thinking about it! :D

Click through for full GIFset - Dean Winchester the brave knight - Supernatural Funny // I cried at this. He's so confident and and the sword is like "We'll see about that motherf***er.