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Women Fighters In Reasonable Armor

I love the armor on this chick. Also those boots have a nice volume. Everything about this just has a great weight to it.

morrigan.jpg (379×701)

f High Elf Plate 2 Handed Sword midlvl morrigan.

D&D photography by menofcolorinfantasyart “Ashes: Leo and Orrik by Fernanda Suarez ”

Leo and Orrik, characters for Ashes : Rise of the phoenix borns © 2017 Plaid Hat Games


f Fighter Plate Shield Art by Namho Baek - Human paladin

2D ConceptArt, Moky lin on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/2d-conceptart-ea966698-ffdc-4b95-85d4-705bdd8e64cf

ConceptArt, Moky lin on ArtStation

50+ digital paintings of the master of fantasy Tyler Jacobson

Elspeth, Sun's Champion - MtG Art by Tyler Jacobson.


faeriefountain: “ Dungeons And Dragons character concept sketch render commission for the Dungeons and Randomness podcast!

Ansel of Briarcliff

f Fighter Plate mail armor 2 Swords battle midlvl Ansel of Briarcliff

Female_Crusader.jpg (480×700)

f Paladin plate armor sword Female.

m Cleric War Domain Plate Cape Mace Sword midlvl

Brother Tomas Gehenna, Theren's mentor and fellow war priest of Torm.

325 Shu Game of the original painting - Korean artist 7200ss appreciate the works - seven GAME - Portal

f Fighter chain 2 handed sword ArtStation - project "gaia" "white scroll", sangsu jeong

Argonian by Tidmatiger on Deviantart.com

m Dragonborn Rogue Thief pirate Brunalli For Hire by *Tidmatiger on deviantART

Rom Characters by Kerem Beyit

dungeoncrawlersltd:  Erika Halfne by rodmendez

f Ranger Med Armor Sword Horn Another character from my 7 Ancients project. Erika is the daughter of the founder of the kingdom of Cimbria, who died in single combat against a perfidious man named Jerrik "Dreadaxe".


Female Human Bard/Rogue (Ameiko by Wayne Reynolds)

Random Fantasy/RPG artwork  I find interesting,(*NOT MINE) from Tolkien to D&D...hope you enjoy it!!

m High Elf Rogue Assassin Studded Leather Short Sword urban Fantasy Shrine