Sherlock, Watson, & Moriarty walk into a bar...

Sherlock, Watson,and Moriarty walk into a bar and I need two years to finish the joke

(Gif) The "wrath" of Khan

Perfection from Sherlock/Khan and my new favorite gif. It is the single greatest thing ever

This show... The brilliant, brilliant actors.

This show and he waited until Sherlock was the only one looking the others were paying attention to the file


*Looks over at Sherlock in horror and pulls out a throwing knife* Don't summon him if you know what's good for you.<<*sam and dean burst in with holy water*

Too true!

Go sit in the corner and think about what you've done. ---> ahahaha as bad as that is its still pretty funny

Thank you! I noticed this a while back! Sherlock will perpetually have new things to freak out over.

"It's not actually possible for the victim to have done it, Sherlock. It's not in the rules." "Well then the the rules are wrong." "It was the only possible solution.

Benedict Cumberbatch... ❤

benedict cumberbatch sherlock british haha the comment at the bottom. But so honestly true.

Love everything in this post. Like really so ADORABLE and just Lestrade just ftw

sherlock:dead body dance john: cute overlord greg: i hate my life