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Erik <3 Charles

Xmen Big Bang Round 2 Frosted Hearts by aesc Art by me. “ Emma Frost has 99 problems, but a date ain’t one.

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Author note: "Charles' legs are named rage and serenity; Erik must find the point in between.<<<omg, I cannot ^~^ <--- I'm laughing way too hard right now and my family are giving me weird looks XD

kiea233:  "Erik your turtleneck looks awful, though it feels….warm. Zzzzzz"winter is coming:D

Cherik fan art This little moments, like allday. Thats lovely fluff

Charles x Erik - Love at..... by Chiffe.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I do think it fits CharlesxErik in a way Sharkneto's too busy trying to m. Charles x Erik - Love at.