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Experience the thrill of airsoft and get your game to the next level with Predator Airsoft gear!

Pilgrim Buttpack Webbing, Multicam

This setup is accomodates a larger capacity buttpack for easy access to mission essentials.

"Black Ops" Special Forces PT Helmet Large Ops Core VAS, Peltor ARC SEAL DEVGRU | eBay

"Black Ops" Special Forces PT Helmet Large Ops Core VAS, Peltor ARC SEAL DEVGRU

To know more about OPS-CORE Black Ops Special Forces PT Helmet Large Ops Core VAS,Peltor ARC SEAL DEVGRU, visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Featuring over 3 other OPS-CORE items too!

Body armour.

Compact armor plating that appears to be bullet resistant and can also carry two extra mags of ammo,and it's black cause ninja.

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This modular, padded-belt System is one of the slimmest and sturdiest tactical battle belts on the market.

Neat mounting option: War Belt/1st Line Picture Thread - Page 57 - AR15.COM

Nice use of the G-code RTI on the med-kit. A warbelt is a great get if you are looking for something to strap on quick that is already set up. Just make sure that you war belt doesn't ride up if you're running.


Ehmke Manufacturing Releases High Ground Tactical Gear