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What if you could scale this up for a cool trunk or treat? I have a work van - could stand up higher and and rain down candy? (Not interested in the website)

25 DIY Forts to Build With Your Kids This Summer

Summertime is perfect for fort building. Elaborate or simple, kids love a great secret hideaway. Here are 25 DIY forts for inspiration.

castello di cartone!

Il castello (di cartone) del principe Filippo 1a puntata / Le chateau fort (en carton) du Prince Philip 1ère partie

Everyone loves a fort - and I love anything where there are no batteries required!

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best! Have extra moving boxes? Make yourself a castle! This one has two turrets, a f.

Make Cardboard Castles (out of refriderator boxes--they give them away free at furniture stores!)

Make Cardboard Castles (out of refrigerator boxes--they give them away free at furniture stores!