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Harrison Ford in the 1985 movie Witness. I have watched it way too much!

Young Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford: unlimited passion for aviation. The actor has always been a total fanboy for airplanes, helicopters, and life in the cockpit.

Retro Star Wars Strikes Back

fuckyeahleadingmen: Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher signing autographs after the release of Star Wars


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Harrison Ford - Always. Always sexy! the older he gets , the sexier he becomes, unbelievable!

Harrison Ford - ) American Actor and Producer - Known for many great roles and movies including "Star Wars" "Indiana Jones" five movies and counting - "Firewall" "Patriot Games" and many more - Nominated for Oscar 1986 for "Witness"

Harrison Ford

This list features pictures of a very handsome and young Harrison Ford, including photos of him in his twenties and early thirties.

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