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Two behemoth Warhammer beasts arise in artist Luc de Haan’s new World Eater / Ultramarine fan art illustrations. Related Rampage: Mass Effect Crew Warhammer by.


Warhammer Ultramarines, Sergeant Pasanius Lysane,Captain Uriel Ventris Great characters from Universe

Warhammer 40k. grey knights,  my favorite space marine chapter

this is a grey knight from Warhammer they are second only to the emperor's personal guard


“Roboute Guilliman gathered his new armada. Along with elements of the Adeptus Custodes, a small contingent of the Silent Sisterhood, and a vast war host of Primaris Space Marines from many newly.

40k - Blood Angel Kill Team Space Marine

Watch out Xenos Scum, the Deathwatch of the Adeptus Astartes will find you! Via our friends at Lexicanum The Deathwatch are a unique and specially trained Space Marine Chapter that …

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jaghatai-khan: “Adeptus Arbites: GW looked at Judge Dredd and said, “I want that.