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Woolsey - Specimens of Fancy Turning (Geometric, Oval, Eccentric Chucks and Elliptical Cutting Frames), c.

20 Hz is a project by artist duo Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt that go under the name Semiconductor.  It is created by data from geo-magnetic storms occurring in the Earth’s upper atmosphere, collected by the CARISMA magnetometer.  The data is interpreted as video and audio patterns, allowing us to “hear” and “see” solar wind captured at the frequency of 20 Hertz.

Semiconductor Ruth Jarman (British, born and Joe Gerhardt (British, born 20 Hz, HD video, minutes. Courtesy of Semiconductor and Lux London

Odins tree

Altar by Cristina McAllister The first piece in her new Altars Series, which explores the idea that all faiths spring from the same Source, sharing their core values and offering valuable insights to all humanity.

Image detail for -Nitrous Oxide Black Widow Spiders

Image detail for -Nitrous Oxide Black Widow Spiders