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André Kohn - De la créativité à l'art

Andre Kohn-The Kiss-13 x11-2000.jpg (605×720)                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

The Kiss by Andre Kohn, Figurative Impressionist Painter, Russian Impressionist Painter

“The Kiss Series, #18” by Andre Kohn

This kind of kiss resonates as"potential/possibility creation" with me because he's slightly afraid to do this with this particular girl and this is the moment right when he creates that bond "The Kiss, Series by Andre Kohn


Little Trouble Makers by Andre Kohn (Russian-born Figurative Impressionist, Oil on canvas

Esquisse on the Theme of Red, 19" x 9", Oil by Andre Kohn  http://www.andrekohnfineart.com/

André Kohn is a Russian-born painter whose style is described as figurative impressionist. For biographical notes -in english and italian- by Kohn see: Andre Kohn, 1972

Andre Kohn     RUSSIE

Andre Kohn, renowned Impressionist artist, currently resides and paints at his home in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he owns his own gallery: Andre Kohn Fine Art.

Andre Kohn - Bringing the Little Trouble Brother Home

"Bringing the Little Trouble Brother Home" -- by Andre Kohn (Russian/American,

Andre Kohn... | Kai Fine Art

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