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Casa Abril / via Mechant Design / photographer Marco Antonio. I love the closet hanging wardrobe floors sink I really really like this KB

Ali, maybe you don't need an expensive hot tub, if you just have a soaking tub with hot water access near house plumbing. Is your bathing going to be a solitary activity, or shared? L

Day dream :p The Ship Wreck: Studio Suite Vacation Cottage in Tofino. I seriously want an outdoor tub when we buy a house

100 banheiros de todos os estilos publicados pela ARQUITETURA E CONSTRUÇÃO

100 banheiros publicados pela ARQUITETURA E CONSTRUÇÃO

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Love the chalkboard in the kitchen idea. I have the chalkboard.and it needs to be moved.but wall space is nil. I'll have to wait 'til the living room becomes the dining room and we expand out the front of the house.

A Wooden Wonder: Fantastic Farmhouse in Minneapolis is natural and rustic in style

maybe a tad too rustic… but again i love the barn doors! HOME DECOR – RUSTIC STYLE – love the barn door between the bedroom and bathroom . and the ceiling is amazing!

Rustic Barn Bathrooms-45-1 Kindesign

51 Insanely beautiful rustic barn bathrooms

Sasha's bathroom in the barn. While the cabin has no electricity or running water, the barn is hiding all his modern guilty pleasures.


Arquitetura e Decoração

With numerous stylish ways to use concrete in your bathroom, its becoming increasingly popular due to its durability, clean-lines and cost-effectiveness.


Casa rústica na Bahia com vista para o mar

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Fabulous Classic Country Bathtub Ideas https://decomg.com/fabulous-classic-country-bathtub-ideas/

Fabulous Classic Country Bathtub Ideas https://decomg.com/fabulous-classic-country-bathtub-ideas/


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