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There goes my childhood... But this might not be true

my God. this is so sad if true. and kinda rotten of Disney to use the way they did <<< It really is. My childhood has been ruined. I can't watch an episode of Phineas and Ferb the same way ever again.


At first I was like "Nah," but then I was remembered that Phineas and Ferb are step-brothers and we don't actually know who Phineas's dad is. Look what my life has come to, I'm discussing the scandals of Phineas and Ferb on social media.

I'm Peggy Sue Part 100 - Imgur

I'm Peggy Sue Part 100

Are we going to also ignore that the red troll right behind Flynn Rider basically has its face pressed right against Flynn's butt!

New Lilo and Stitch please

Disney -- Lilo and Stitch all grown up. I would never stop watching this! I would watch this, Disney. Heck, I would watch it in theaters and then buy it.

I love how Ferb just goes with it

I love how Ferb just goes with it

Considering that the young girl looks like phineas and calls her "Aunt Isabella", she would have had to marry ferb.


Disney Princes in the Princess' dresses even better than the princesses in the princes' clothes.

Pixar theory explained more easily

Funny pictures about Mind-blowing Pixar realization. Oh, and cool pics about Mind-blowing Pixar realization. Also, Mind-blowing Pixar realization.

The Incredibles.well, it only took about 10 years or longer for the Finding Nemo sequel.maybe they'll eventually get around to The Incredibles. There's some pretty great fan art anyway.

My heart can't take this :'(

My heart was so sad at this post. and then i had to laugh at the end post. But this was beautiful