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Turning Home Into A Cat Paradise - iCreatived

Man spends 35 grand to turn his house into ultimate cat playground

cat wall

So sieht es aus, wenn Katzen ein Haus einrichten dürften

Perfekte all-in-One-Katze, die komplexe -Halten Sie Ihre Katzen von Ihren Möbeln kratzen, indem man ihnen einige ihrer eigenen -Fordern Sie

Cat Skyscraper Complex - Handcrafted Sisal, Canvas and Wood cat tree wall-mounted shelving

DIY Cat Stuff... We were going to put carpeting on a couple of basement walls and then shelves for the cats. Maybe this would be better than a whole wall of carpeting.

26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner's Life Easier

Glue a carpet sample to a wooden frame for a minimalist cat scratch post.and other hacks and ideas for cat owners

Schwimmende Sisal-Katze-Pfosten

CatastrophiCreations Floating Sisal Cat Post Step - Handcrafted Cat Shelf *** For more information, visit image link.

Tierfreundliche Katzenmöbel und Kratzbäume

Cat Transit system 21 Furniture Ideas for Pet Lovers And Their Furry Friends

Shut up and take my money.

Frodo the Cat

Sauron Tower Cat - Frodo the cat gets his own Hobbit Hole and Sauron Tower.

ikea hacks - Pesquisa Google

10 Amazing IKEA Hacks Your Pet Will Absolutely Love

Cat Pad 01

Cat Pad 01

So my latest side project has been designing and building Cat Pads, seeing as I have a few cats myself. This idea started when looking for a different kind of play house for my animals, an…