Ilustración revista WIRED para un artículo acerca de la tecnología que cambia la banca tradicional en el Reino Unido.

Illustration / WIRED magazine Illustration for an article about technology changing traditional banking in the UK.

binary solo

Cover from 1975 issue 10 (Cover Design: Heinrich Fleischhacker) Illustration using the Binary numeral system.

NY Times Race Visualization

A rule-breaking, cliche-defying, punch-carrying chart worthy of the election

This NYT graphic published on the eve of the Senate elections represents the best of data visualization: it carries its message with a punch.

Enlace permanente de imagen incrustada

Charting the last fifty years of rainfall in downtown San Francisco to answer the question: Is California headed into a drought?

Hollywoods Best

Tells you how a film stood on audience rating and industry rating and which studio, genre it belonged to. Films shown here belonged to the year

Small multiples histograms from Five Thirty-Eight that visualize the wide-ranging politics of elite law schools

roeder-feature-lawschools These are the estimated distributions of justice ideology for clerks from elite law schools, by school. Dotted lines mark the distributions’

How Ethnically Diverse is The Oscars? — Information is Beautiful Awards

We have mapped the “ethnicity” of nominees in the 6 major award categories at the Oscars - Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress in a Leading Role,.