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Póster para regular los niveles de voz en tu clase. …

Teach and motivate your students to use different voice levels depending on the place or activity. There are 2 different colour versions. There is also a Spanish version (Niveles de voz) and a bilingual version (Voice levels bilingual) in the store.

by Claudia Tremblay

Inspiration for Maddie Waiting for spring 8 x 8 inches art print by claudiatremblay,

4 Reglas de oro para gastar tu dinero de tal forma que alcance para todo

4 Reglas de oro para gastar tu dinero de tal forma que alcance para todo

4 Reglas de oro para gastar tu dinero de tal forma que alcance para todo

"A beautiful face" - Victor Lozada {figurative art female head shoulders woman portrait digital painting

"Emily" She likes dark colors and crazy ideas she likes being unique and LOVES the schools quarter back who also so happens to be the team captain she's a shy around boys but loud around her own kind very close to her friend "Angel" due to the fact that her mom's a business women who's never around and her father dies at age 8 from cancer

Soo for the first time in ages, I tried painting sth semi-realistic again ; I usually totally fail this style haha this one still doesn't look the way I want it to, but at least it's not a comp. <<---I LOVE THIS DO MORE ART

Художница Miho Hirano

crossconnectmag: “ Fantasy Art by Japanese Artist Miho Hirano Miho Hirano is a Japanese artist living in Abiko, Chiba. She is a graduate of Musashino Art University. The fantasy world Miho paints is.

[gallery type=”circle” Harumi Hironaka appreciates silence and is addicted to her solitude. It’s from there that she briefly escapes to the freedom of the girls…

"Então eu resolvi que, para não me sentir sufocada, fraca e indefesa eu faria aquilo que eu tivesse vontade. Independente do que as pessoas falariam, mesmo sabendo que de alguma forma elas falariam para o meu bem. Eu faria aquilo que me deixaria leve e feliz. E foi o que eu fiz e certamente continuarei fazendo. Farei a minha altura, calcularei a importância, medirei a gravidade e o resultado será sensato e justo." _____ Maíra Cintra Ilustração de Claudia Tremblay

Claudia Tremblay "I am an illustrator who has been living in Guatemala for the past 12 years.