Vintage Fashion "Shackles for the Groom" by Coby Whitmore Painting Print on Wrapped Canvas

Marmont Hill Shackles for the Groom by Coby Whitmore Painting Print on Wrapped…

Story illustration by Arthur Sarnoff. JM.

Olivia tries to make out the headlines in the Dutch newspaper while Baron Radinck ter Brink van Hoogsma stretches out to take a quick nap after a night delivering babies in remote cottages.

Nella colazione a letto del sabato mattina aggiungete il libro sul vassoio, al posto della rosa, grazie.

Vintage Coffee Ads: The Good, Bad, and Sexist

A classic bunch of funny sarcastic housewife meme that deliver the hilarious sarcasm we all want to say.

"I think he lapsed into a coma."

He holding on to the door, not quite ready for the surprise kiss. This painting was with the story "High Pressure Girl" In the Saturday Evening Post in August

Maxwell Whitmore 1913-1988 | American Fashion painter and Magazine illustrator

Maxwell Whitmore ~ Fashion painter and Illustrator