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dark knight joker by Why So Serious: 30 Incredible Joker Illustrations

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#dc #dccomics #joker #thejoker #villains #batman #darkknight #comicwhisperer

Joker by Alex Ross

Alex Ross Comic Art: Mythology: The Joker - Paper: Limited Edition Giclee on Paper from Alex Ross. Image Size x Paper Size x Created by DC Comics artist Alex Ross, Mythology: The Joker is the companion piece to Batman which is part of the Mythology series

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Those gloves, the decorative stitching on the back of them that makes them so refined, so formal, so pristine (the perfect contrast to what those hands will inevitably do). This artwork here along with the gloves from the Nolan film were the inspiration for my gloves.

Unknown (The Joker) Species: Human (Earth) Criminal mastermind, expert chemist, utilizes various weapons and poisons (Debut: Currently Portrayed by: Jared Leto (DCEU)

The superhero movie, The Avengers, is breaking box office records. We get a behind-the-scenes look at Chicago's own superhero of the comic book industry: artist Alex Ross.

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