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Or the even better one: crap, i forgot to pack my sports bra for the gym. why don't you just wear the bra that's built into your workout top? righhhhhttt.....

Busty Girl Probs and Perks Part 2!

Busty Girl problem: no sports bra is up to the challenge.


Busty Girl Problems, every damn time! no cute clothes for busty girls.

all the blousy flowy shirts make you look pregnant, when you're busty >:(

12 Problems That Only Busty Girls Have

This one if for all the ladies with big boobs out there. Busty Girl Comics is a spot-on comic drawn by Paige Halsey Warren that details the trials and tribulations of being a woman with an enormous chest. From her work, here are 12 "Busty Girl Problems.


or third sports bra *sigh* :( Busty girls problem - Lolzland

Don't slouch, that's why your shoulders and back hurt! / Don't stick your chest out like that!

Busty Girl Comics, drawn by Paige Halsey Warren, outline the perks and problems that come along with an ample bosom. Here are some of our faves: Image source BustyGirlComics.

Biggest Busty Girl Problems - iVillage  Who else has done this???

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The Busty Girl's Guide To Buying A Bathing Suit #refinery29  http://www.refinery29.com/swimsuits-for-big-breasts#slide-10  The Solution: Top that extends a bit below the cup. Like in a bustier, the fabric of this striped top (ranging from 30D to 36G) goes a little further down the torso for additional grip.

The Busty Girl's Guide To Buying A Bathing Suit

Pin for Later: 19 Bangin' Swimsuits and Bikinis For Babes With Big Boobs Figleaves Santa Cruz Underwired Twist Bandeau Bikini Figleaves Santa Cruz Underwired Twist Bandeau Bikini Top and Matching Bottoms

OMG!!! i don't even know how many times i did this when i use to take the bus to work at the beach!

So funny because it is true. although I've not grabbed my boobs in public to run. In fact I don't run in public for this reason. The Biggest Big-Boob Problems Busty Ladies Face xD!

Busty Girl Swimsuit Problems—Solved #refinery29  http://www.refinery29.com/swimsuits-for-big-breasts#slide-24  The Solution: Double up on prints.The same concept of the monokini extends to this Wolf & Whistle one-piece: Fit for D through F cups, the bust provides the security of a bra, while two panels connect to the bottom half to ensure coverage.

The Busty Girl's Guide To Buying A Bathing Suit

The Solution: Wider and wider.The extra-wide straps have a stronger grip on your shoulders (so, less slippage) — extra points because these are adjustable. The cherry on top of this floral: a longline bottom band to keep D cups where you want them. This set from Asos runs in cup sizes DD-G. #refinery29 http://www.refinery29.com/swimsuits-for-big-breasts#slide-14

The Busty Girl's Guide To Buying A Bathing Suit

As excited as we are for beach season, it doesn't come without its challenges — namely, finding that perfect suit for lounging by the sea. This is an especially tiresome process when you're working with D+ cups up top.

Busty Girl Problems - Supportive Swimwear - Cutesy Crafts

Supportive DIY Swimsuit Fix with Sports Bra

Busty Girls Guide To The Perfect Bra

Busty Girls Guide To The Perfect Bra