shwoing how them mesh style of glass making cna be used ot cretae larger unquie degsins thta are very efective

Cindy Brandt, glass weave wall piece - I normally don't like fused glass pieces but this is very cool.

Beautiful window made from crystal & glass serving dishes & plates.

Vintage Crystal plate collage panel stained glass (window over sink in kitchen)

Owl Grater Wind Chime - Lots of Owl recycling photos here! - Marble Crafting Inc.

caixas de cereais                  pallet      remos                  venesianas                                  ...

Reciclando na casa de praia.

Cute Christmas decoration Driftwood and Color Bead boat.but I think U could turn this into A CHRISTMAS TREE. Love the little round eye screws at the bottom.put a cute sparkly STAR on TOP!

Stained glass garden art stake in yellow, light teal blue and clear irridescent textured glass with solid brass frame. The glass section is 24” and the legs are 10” long, giving you lots of length to stick in the ground. Overall dimensions are 4” wide and 34” tall.    The garden art stakes begin by me constructing the frame, selecting the colors, hand cutting the glass and soldering the circles securely to the brass frame. The brass frame ensures against any rust and my design allows the…

Stained glass garden art stake yellow teal blue yard by BelloGlass