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Henry Cavill

henrycavillworld: “ Henry Poses For The Los Angeles Times , November 10 , 2011 ”

This is one of the many reasons I love Henry as Superman << YES. Another (much less important) reason is that eyebrow, but I digress ;)

Not to mention, not letting absolute power corrupt is only the hardest thing to do, and he does it continuously!

Henry Cavill

Man of Steel countdown pics — Only 55 days left! Henry Cavill is Superman. [x] This MoS countdown is a joint project of Amancanfly and Laissezfaireall for Henry Cavill Fanpage (HCF),.

Henry Cavill GIF...One of my favorite scenes in Man of Steel <<< mine too...defending the lady's honor!

One of my favorite scenes in Man of Steel <<< mine too.defending the lady's honor! <--- my reaction was: NOOOO! Not the perfect hair.

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He and Ben Affleck both wore cream colored suits to the Batman v Superman premier


For four seasons on Showtime, Henry Cavill played Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk.