Emmanuel Shiu is a concept artist who’s work spans several movies and videogames.

Discover a selection of artworks made made Emmanuel Shiu, concept artist and designer working in the Film and Video Game industries.

Behind the scenes: the concept art of The Expanse

North Front studio founders Ryan Dening and Tim Warnock talk us through their stunning ship and environment designs for Syfy's cult space opera.

Cyber City

Cyber City

Yuri Gvozdenko is an illustrator and animator and some of his work includes scenes of Hong Kong and futuristic scenes of a cyber city where there will be such dense cities where bridges to different building will be necessary.


The fantastic worlds of Craig Mullins—one of the best illustrators ever



Post-apocalyptic Tokyo scenery 19 Aug 2010 The illustrations of TokyoGenso (a. Tokyo Fantasy) depict a post-apocalyptic Tokyo devoid of people and overtaken by nature.

Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe is an artist based in Germany who has done work for game studios like BioWare and Firaxis.

Castle Mœbius Looks Fun

The amazing digital art of Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe Sketching from the Imagination: Sci-fi

Châteaux de Gudanes, Château-Verdun, Les Cabannes, Foix, Ariège, Midi-Pyrénées, France

Chateau de Gudanes: A château in the south of France is under restoration.It was an abandoned,neglected & ruined chateau tucked neatly into a deep valley in the French Pyrénées. A site where the first stories of religious tragedies began in the centu


Interview : Nicolas Bouvier (Sparth), concept artist