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Bic Biro pen drawing on 1950 envelope.  Mark Powell

Mark Powell Biro Pen Drawings von x)

A través de unos medios muy simples el artista inglés Mark Powell trata de contarnos unas historias que, en cierto modo, se desarrollaron hace mucho tiempo. Empuñando un bolígrafo, Powell dibuja retratos super detallados, con temas como son los hombres y mujeres de avanzada edad haciendo alusión a la historias vividas. Ilustraciones hechas sobre mapas antiguos y documentos de una época ya pasada.

Mark Powell

Mark Powell, 'spinning worlds make you dizzy (repetition)' Bic biro drawing on a 1914 letter

Mark Powell artwork #art #ballpoint #pen Look at the detail! Amazing work :)

Bic Biro on 1950 envelope Art Print by Mark Powell Bic Biro Drawings

Darks & lights

Check out these highly detailed and realistic pencil drawings. Each one is sketched by hand and some are so mind-blowing that you may do a double-take before realizing that they are, in fact, illustrations and not photographs.


Mark Powell

London-based artist Mark Powell draws incredible portraits on the backs of envelopes using only a ballpoint pen (referred to ‘biro pens’ in England).

Mark Powell | Inspirations & Keepsakes

Mark Powellis a London-based artist who journeyed on the road less traveled by choosing to draw his portraits on the backs of old envelopes.

How to make your Art Project exciting: creative mixed media

How to make your Art Project exciting: creative mixed media

Artist Mark Powell has produced a series of stunning ballpoint pen drawings on envelopes and other found materials.

Mark Powell | iGNANT - Biro pen on envelope

Mark Powell

Artist - Mark Powell The artists particularity is to draw portraits of the elderly on the back of old envelopes. All of his marvellously detailed portraits are drawn with a Bic Biro pen.