Making Minecraft Creeper & Steve heads from cardboard boxes - step by step cosplay/costume tutorial

How to Make Minecraft Steve and Creeper Heads

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Minecraft. I found some boxes, cut them to size, and painted them with acrylic paint. Each leg was cut into two pieces and connected with cloth so she could easily walk. And with some strategic use of velcro, the costume came together. Overall, I'd estimate the costume cost just $20 in supplies!

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My daughter asked to be Steve from the video game Minecraft for Halloween but the only costume piece available in stores was a head that was much too big for her so I made the complete costume from scratch. I found some boxes, cut them.

This is a quick and easy project that will take approximately 3 hours or less to complete depending on how detailed you want to make it.  We purchased the...

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6 manualidades infantiles… ¡de animales!

6 manualidades infantiles... ¡de animales

The wingspan was about six and a half feet at full stretch, but we kept it in a little (it looked better).

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Handmade Minecraft costumes for Halloween this year.

Handmade Minecraft costumes for Halloween this year. Pinned by Kidfolio, the parenting and sharing app with the built-in community!

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