Explore Heart Shaped Rocks, Tide Pools, and more!


VOICE ESSENCE 1-on-1 heart voice initiation

God's love all around everywhere in nature - He's even carved it in a tree.

Heart shaped rock slide

Heart rock near Philipsburg, Montana. You can see this view for a split second on the way to grandpas cabin

God's love is new every morning (the white and fluffy, heart-shaped cloud.in the midst of a stormy darkness)!

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Heart in nature,"Love is all there is" heart shapes in Mother Nature, heart stones green color rocks,

Hearts in nature Flint Creek pass just passed Georgetown lake, Montana

I live near the recent Oso, Washington mud slide that took at least 35 lives and wiped out an entire neighborhood of homes. This slice in Montana brings up many mixed emotions.

Knothole where a branch was cut from a tree

Designed by nature --- heart-shaped tree knot --- beautiful!