Dior Spring/Summer 2014 Runway Makeup trend... More inspiration at Valencia Bed Breakfast:

Golden brows on Diana Moldovan by Pat McGrath for Christian Dior Spring/Summer only if we could all have real golden brows ;

Gold | ゴールド | Gōrudo | Gylden | Oro | Metal | Metallic | Shape | Texture | Form | Composition |

Solve Sundsbo for Harper’s Bazaar, June 2002 gold glitter (Just gold on the lid, not lashes for me.

Speckled nean makeup art

"Color Splash eyeshadow look. So awesome definitely wanna try this. " I can't believe that some people think this is a good look!

Glass Magazine, Issue #11 (Autumn 2012). Photo by Bojana Tatarska. Hair by Yusuke Taniguchi. Make-up by Alice Ghendrih.

Gold foil eyeshadow Publication: Glass Magazine/Issue: Autumn 2012 Title: Trust In Dreams/Model: Shu Pei Photography: Bojana Tatarska/Hair: Yusuke Taniguchi Make-up: Alice Ghendrih

Looks like she's got 2 black eyes!

Nude face make up with extremely bright red/orange/yellow shaded eyes very good for fall 2014


Mua: Frances Hathaway Ph: Yulia Gorbachenko Model: Vanessa Cruz Retouch: Cristian Girotto (Unmarried women don't wear a face painted full white)

Makeup Artist ^^ |  *3rd person intro* Meet Grace Yimm, age 17. Born as a young child mute, her most valued way of communication is through telepathy. Desperate to leave this place, brought here at only 4 years old. Quiet on the outside, yet on the inside a brilliant girl who is typically forgotten because no one notices her. Her only want in life is to leave her legacy and be loved by someone. ( smart; creative; quick-thinker) (-- shy; naive; quiet)…

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Forget the mask! Use your makeup to do the work by adding layers of color, glitter and sequins around the eyes. You'll knock 'em dead for sure!

Kabuki inspired

Enisey Abramov - photographed by Enisey - make-up: Екатерина Хохлова - hair: Lubov Buketova - model: Eugenia

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