Disney characters are some of the most fun ever. Which of these would be most likely to be your childhood best friend?

Which Disney Character Would Be Your Childhood Best Friend?

The hero we all need

This is why Stitch will forever be my favorite Disney character: Deep down, he is the symbol of childhood and the secret desperate wish to have superpowers (not that Batman had any).<<<Haha yeah me too

Best of Disney Art by Kristina N.

Fun Lilo and Stitch fact: Did you know that in Hawaiian, Lilo means "lost?" And that the technical definition of Stitch, means "pulled together?" So many beautiful little gems hidden in this movie A hui hou kakou ~ *Until we meet again*

If Disney Characters Took On College | The Odyssey

If Disney Characters Took On College


This is my favorite quote from lilo and stitch " Ohana means family family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten " :)

Cook Stitch

Stitch’s exact oven-sized cake is so perfect and adorable. Yet another reason to love Stitch.