Orchid: Ponerorchis graminifolia...I don't normally like orchids, but these are pretty

Розы, орхидеи, ирисы...

Air India's Maharaja has a slightly differing sibling in the orchid Ponerorchis graminifolia.Pin it : Anónimo de la Piedra.

Orchid's heart

Buy 'Orchid's heart' by Gili Orr as a Greeting Card. Orchid's Heart was featured in the groups Dutch Touch Only Orchids! Flower and Foliage Detail Canon DSLR (One Image Per Day) and The Compact Group 2 per day Orchid's heart was al.

Ophrys ariadnae ... Unbelievable! But not photoshopped, as if a human could invent this! LF

'Orchid-Mimicry': Flower: Ophrys ariadnae [Bee-Orchid]Mimicking a Circus Clown with a Pot-belly

Purple leopard orchid

Boudior Orchids,another plant thats beyond my growing skill, Very lovely, Thanks.

galearis+spectabilis -native orchid

Native orchid of Michigan : looks like ladies with purple hats on? by Hercio Dias


This is the most exotic flower that I have ever seen ! I wish that I knew the name of this gorgeous flower.


White Bat Flower (Tacca Integrifolia), Cat’s Whiskers or Devil’s Tongue and as for me, I will call it "Cat's Whiskers".