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Love this lacy dress:)

Maybe a small cup or angle sleeve. Or let the lace make a longer softer sleeve and lace edge

light blue, bowtie, lace collar, white flowers dress. Unsure of seller

The dress being light springs blue and the tie being darker blue makes the tie stand out more.The two blue colors with the trace of white as a collar is beautifull.Good contrast and looks like a nice s spring-summer style!


Coastal cardigan and garden tapestry dress-- I really love this color, and the pattern on the dress

WTAPS Blues Skinny Jean (Indigo)

WTAPS Blues Skinny Jean (Indigo) Sorry, I just found this funny. A different spin on the lucky brand "lucky you" fly embroidery (sb)

Mary Magdalene Cordelia Op, milky mint *WANTED*

I wonder which one of my girls I can bribe to wear this.I wonder if they'll let me borrow it. (Mary Magdalene / One Piece / Cordelia Puff Sleeved OP)-- I wouldn't actually wear it but its adorable!