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Image Source: diy-projectss via To make this art first you have to paint a canvas in colored patches of your choice.

bottle cap tray using resin I have so many bottle caps cant wait to try this :)

buy a cheap drink tray, layer with different and unique beer bottle caps, then cover in resin or epoxy! can paint the bottle caps. maybe spray paint silver or something then make them the bottom of a tray that holds stuff for the centerpieces?

DIY decorative vases. Pour acrylic paint of your choice into the bottom and swish around to create a unique and creative design

Pour acrylic paint of your choice into the bottom and swish around to create a unique and creative design

These beautiful bottle lamps are filled with glistening LED lights that resemble fireflies. This design by Taiwanese designer phoephoe was hand crafted with the environment in mind. It upcycles old glass bottles, filling them with light and giving them a decorative purpose.

Firefly-Mimicking Bottle Lamps

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With a bit of clay and some bits and pieces of your choosing you can turn that dull mass-produced bottle into something worthy of display. Not only will it look great but you'll have fun along the way. I would probably use some hi-gloss decoupage spray to coat it.

Rainbow Mosaic Bottle glue all the glass nuggets on with transparent glue then grout with any color grout

Lana Red: Tutorials

Here is a fun tutorial for you on how to transform and personalize those old bottles and jars.

taking everyday bottles... a little puff paint design... spray paint (any color) and you have yourself some cute bottles to decorate any space!!

Painted Bottles

painted & decorated bottles: find a nice shaped bottle, use puff paint to make decorations on the bottle, then just spray paint for the finish! The puff paint decorations will just be raised and look natural.

Shoe Box Lid Wall Art

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next time we empty a salsa container, or come across some crepe paper i'm DOING THIS! so motivational to see all these fun craft ideas! love it!

DIY Milk Glass Bottles-pour small amounts of paint into bottle and jar and coat enitre inside - pour excess out.

Skyy bottles, contact paper and spray paint - love it

Turn those lovely blue, wine bottles into one-of-a-kind vases! Free tutorial with pictures on how to decorate a bottle vase in under 20 minutes by decorating with spray paint, contact paper, and wine bottle. How To posted by cancandancer.