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An outfit for the kitty to wear at the wedding. Of course my cat will be at my wedding.

Life Goes Bad

Cute Kittens Posing as Sexy Pin-up Girls

I love box! I like to be in box. I like to be around box. But mostly in box.

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Definitely no snooze button on my cat-he just kneads my face when I ignore him!


In Bangalore, India, there is a bookstore where kitties call the shots. Everyday they pick a spot of their choice at the store and nap on a stack of new books or magazines. When people come by to pet them, they’d gladly turn around and offer their belly.


Teddy cat, teddy cat, what are they feeding you. Teddy cat, teddy cat, it's not your fault.

Doesn't give a f*ck

An entry from As You Said.

"Still Isn't Giving a Fuck" Cat T-shirt >> by The Skinny Artist