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lily sharkey - Anya Gallaccio - Works | Thomas Dane Gallery

lily sharkey - Anya Gallaccio - Works | Thomas Dane Gallery

Anya Gallaccio

Anya Gallaccio

Anya Gallaccio - Pesquisa do Google

Anya Gallaccio - Pesquisa do Google

Anya Gallaccio, intensities and surfaces, photographed in April 1996

intensities and surfaces part of Tate's Gallery of Lost Art exhibition


Art & Installation - Anya Gallaccio - "Preserve Beauty" (New York) 2003 - Gallaccio is known for her work with organic materials such as ice, flowers, fruits and sugar. Her installations often change over time as they melt, decompose or sprout new life.

anya gallaccio assaults the senses with edible dark chocolate room

Candy Carpets and Chocolate Skulls: 13 Edible Designs

Anya Gallaccio - Preserve Beauty (1991-03)

Anya Gallaccio, "Preserve 'Beauty'", 900 red gerbera 'beauty' pressed behind glass, 3 parts each: x in.


♀️ Woman work of the day: Anya Gallacio, preserve ‘beauty’, This installation features 2000 bright red gerberas sandwiched between huge panes of glass.

Anya Gallaccio - Red on Green at Centre Pompidou, 2013  “10,000 red roses are displayed in the choir of St-Vincent Church offering a fascinating visual and sensory experience. The depth of the hints of red mingles with the voluptuousness of the fresh flowers’ perfume and the excess of the mass of roses. Meticulously arranged into a tightly packed rectangle that might recall the principle of the gardens design or the archetype of the vocabulary of modern art, the flowers however evade the…

slowartday: Anya Gallaccio, Red on Green: the life and death of roses

anya gallacio

"Preserve Beauty" by Anya Gallaccio. Dozens of flowers contained under a perspex sheet over time to decompose.