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Real Framed Dragonfly Shadowbox  Dragonfly by AsanaNaturalArts

Real Framed Dragonfly Shadowbox Dragonfly by AsanaNaturalArts

Crikey!  This is rouge taxidermy all right!  (not sure about the rouge spelling...)

Photos taken May 2010 My friend Amanda and I went to this Rouge Taxidermy art show La Luz De Jesus Amanda loves Jesus.



17 Real Asian Tropical Insects Boxed Display Taxidermy Collectables Moths Science Education Lepidopterology Entomology via Etsy

17 Real Tropical Insects Hardwood Glass Fronted Box Size x Fully Legal To Import & Great Addition To Any Collection All Items Will Be Shipped Within 48 Hours Registered Post With Tracking Number

moths butterflies

The Moth: symbol of change, metamorphosis, the importance of life or living in the moment. Possibilities for my moth tattoo


Cracker butterflies are a neotropical group of medium-sized brush-footed butterfly species of the genus Hamadryas. They acquired their common name due to the unusual way that males produce a "cracking" sound as part of their territorial displays.



Mariposa Monarca Butterflies!                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

◑≈◑≈◑≈◑ Butterfly ◑≈◑≈◑≈◑ Monarch's have an amazing life cycle!