© Kurt Wyss, Jean Dubuffet, 1974, Courtesy Johanna Breede PHOTOKUNST

1974 Jean Dubuffet (French best known for founding the art movement 'Art Brut' by Kurt Wyss

Willem de Kooning

Willem De Kooning on painting

Studio Art - Willem de Kooning Photograph by Hans Namuth Courtesy Center for…

Lucienne Brousse's book on Berber tattoos seeks to preserve Algeria's culture.

Inked Heritage: Berber Women's Tattoos In Algeria

Inked Heritage: Berber Women's Tattoos In Algeria, Lucienne Brousse. Bruno Hadjih: photographs from his series “Fantasy of the Kahina,” taken in the Aurès.

Alexander Calder tangled in his own work, photographed in Paris, 1929, by André Kertész.

American sculptor and artist Alexander Calder photographed in Paris by Hungarian born Photographer André Kertész. For me, Calder is the perfect artistic expression of the word "Air".