Bristol Type 170 Freighter (1945) was a British twin-engine aircraft designed and built by the Bristol Aeroplane Company as both a freighter and airliner. Its best known use was as an air ferry to carry cars and their passengers over relatively short distances. A passenger-only version was known as the Wayfarer.

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"The tiltrotor technology that makes it possible, combing the vertical liftoff, landing and hover capability of a helicopter with an airplane's speed and long range, first appeared more than a half-century ago. But it took decades, billions of dollars in research and testing, and the lives of more than two dozen killed in early crashes to iron out the considerable kinks in the unique aircraft. "

Blending the best of helicopters and airplanes, the MV-22 Osprey tiltrotor shows its stuff during Marine Week in

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27 high tension photos of NATO jets intercepting Russian warplanes

27 high tension photos of NATO jets intercepting Russian warplanes

A Soviet Tupolev Bear D aircraft being intercepted by an U. Navy Grumman Tomcat from fighter squadron Red Rippers, on 1 October 1985

Soviet - Mikoyan-Gurevich "MiG-3R" Tail Code (White 17) Powered by an Allison V12 Engine (1)

Soviet - Mikoyan-Gurevich Tail Code (White Powered by an Allison Engine

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'Whistling Tits' - Argosys, of either 114 Squadron or 267 Squadron based at RAF Benson, in flight c 1965 Crown / IWM