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Lusitano stallion DEM Troubadour

DEM Troubadour bay Lusitano stallion trotting across paddock with thick man covering his eyes

(93) Simply Horses

I want me another morgan horse! THE BRONZE PROMISE (UVM Promise x Cascade Cadence), 1994 buckskin stallion owned by Erin Silver. Photo courtesy of Kathy DeFazio

Equine Photography - Karolina Wengerek Golden horses. Wielkopolski Polish warmblood. "Ocavango"

Ocavango--Wielkopolski breed / a polish warmblood horse. They can be any solid color, but my favourite are Cremello, Palomino and Perlino

Beautiful Buckskin

What a gorgeous horse,I want it and I shall name it toast -MJ / Marana Farms - Mares - Aimee Farrah.

buckskin Selle Francais warmblood

Legrande 2003 Buckskin Oldenburg Stallion standing at Lynaire Sport Horses also approved AWS Here is a photo of him doing dressage Here is a photo of him over jumps Here is another photo undersaddle all photos are property of Lynaire Sport.

Buck Creek Ranch - CKade, AQHA Stallion. CKade is a Buckskin. That is Bay (Black Ee + Agouti Aa) + 1  Cream (C,Ccr). -Nix Alba

Happy Trails to you until we meet again, what do you mean, "Where's Dale"? Dale who, is it Chip N Dale?

I love the contrast of the stockings!!! Drooling over here! ~S

Okay, i don't know if it's just me, but this horse seriously reminds me of the kid movie "Spirit" with the whole pale/dark coloring thing.


"Thee Panther" stunning black Araloosa (part Arabian/part Appaloosa) stallion - photo by Snowgum Arabians Beautiful!

Buck skin

❂ Ƒollow ൬e Ƒor ൬౦re↠ aliesemeyer ❂ Buckskin horse- so gorgeous. I've been in love with these horses since I was little (thanks to the movie Spirit, it was my favorite!) If I ever get the chance, I'd love to have a buckskin gelding someday.

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Botswana (Thee Desperado x The Minuet) 1998 bay SE stallion - 3 lines to the legendary Ruminaja Ali, 1 to *Ansata Ibn Halima and 1 to *Morafic - Dahman Shawan strain, Botswana traces tail female to El Dahma through the Farida line