Nez Perce people North America

Kal-kal-shua-tash (aka Jason) – Nez Perce – 1868 Ta-mas-on – Nez Perce – 1868 Nez Perce men – no date Nez Perce men and women – no date Hin-ma-toe Ya-lut-kiht (aka Chief Joseph) – Nez Perce –

Umatilla girl    - 1910

Umatilla Indian Girl Here we present a rare image of Innocence; it is a Umatilla Indian Girl in a Full-length Portrait. It was taken in 1910 by Edward S. The image presenta a touching view of this young child.

1910 Chinook woman near Celilo Falls (Columbia River) Wishram village  photo: Edward S. Curtis (Native American, Indian)

Buy prints of Kyetani - Wishham (The North American Indian, v. Norwood, MA: The Plimpton Press, by Edward Sheriff Curtis online.

Frank Albert Rinehart (1861-1928) è stato un artista americano famoso per le sue fotografie che ritraggono personaggi nativi americani, in particolare i capi e i membri delle delegazioni che hanno partecipato al Congresso Indiano 1898 a Omaha.  Le fotografie sono state realizzate con una fotocamera 8 x 10 pollici su lastre di vetro.

Attendees of the 1898 Indian Congress [Two Little Braves, Sac & Fox] by Boston Public Library. So adorable, and yet so tragic. Their braids have been cut which probably means they are students in a reform school.

Chief Philip Howard, American Indian by Boston Public Library, via Flickr

Young Chief "Little Wound" Age 57 - Sioux Indian from Pine Ridge, South Dakota, telling youngsters story - Digital Commonwealth

A delightful photograph of Sitting Bull's beautiful daughter Standing Holy. "Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children." Chief Sitting Bull.

Standing Holy, daughter of Sitting Bull, wearing jewelry, full length :: Photographs - Western History

Innocence: A Taos girl, ca. 1905 is pictured looking straight into the camera, wrapped in a blanket

Stunning pictures document the life of Native American Indians before the influence of Western settlers

Indian girl by Birdman of El Paso, via Flickr

Indian girl Native American Gathering Nations Powwow Albuquerque New Mexico Copyright Notice (C) 2009 Lila & Joe Grossinger Photography All Rights Reserved Have a great day!

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Sisters - Apsaroke (The North American Indian, v. IV. Cambridge, MA: The University Press, 1909)

Sisters - Apsaroke (The North American Indian, v. Cambridge, MA: The University Press, :: Featured Sets