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Toph Beifong, Greatest Earthbender Ever. This explains a lot..

Toph Beifong, Greatest Earthbender Ever

Greatest Earthbender ever, Katara. :D Yes, somehow I could actually see this happening. More so than Toph with a man. 😂 It's just so Toph.

This is the most random thing ever, but I like it.      Zuko and Belle

This is the most random thing ever, but YES BURN TWILIGHT! XD Zuko and Belle I don't know wether to put this in avatar the last air bender board or Disney board?

LoK: Varrick x Zhu Li (Do the thing!) by DelusionInABox.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

"N-not that thing!” "Sorry, sir." I love Varrick. I also believe these two are a couple/should be a couple and no one can convince me otherwise. LoK: Varrick x Zhu Li (Do the thing!

Cave of the two lovers

Cave of the two lovers The Nomads Avatar the Last Airbender ATLA

yes. people power

This bugs me cause Wan had Avatar powers but he was the first so he didn't have the powers of past Avatars. So really Korra isn't that powerful. She's about the same as Wan because they defeated the same villian with the same power situation.

One of the many reasons I love Legend of Korra

Feminism in kids animation? Hell yeah, I'll take it. Female characters in Legend of Korra, episode: Beyond The Wilds.

I think the most beautiful thing is how Zuko named his son after Iroh ❤️

Avatar the Last Airbender family tree<<No. If this was A:TLA, Kataras family tree would be bigger. This is the Avatar: Legend of Korra family tree.