Magnificent magnolias!

One of my favorite Spring-flowering trees is the Japanese Magnolia Tree . You may know it as a "Tulip tree," or a "Saucer Magnolia tree" .


One cannot fail to be excited at the site of a Magnolia tree in full bloom,,awesome comes to mind, especially when the tree is huge, the flo.


The Magnolia x 'Jane' is a member of the 'Little Girl' group of hybrid magnolia trees. These trees explode with purplish-pink and white blooms later in the spring than most magnolia trees helping them avoid frost in more northern climates.

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On my recent visit to the National Arboretum in Washington, DC, I photographed a spectacular Magnolia tree. It was a Verbanica Magnolia (Magnolia x soulangiana). Verbanica is one of the later bloom…

Blue Flower by ~Mirlenges on deviantART

the flower`s name even in russian so.just enjoy "Blue Flower" `s are very appriciate. Really Blue Flower

Mississippi adopted the magnolia as the official state tree in also the state flower and Mississippi's nickname is "The Magnolia State.