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Up (Estilo de animación)

The boy's Halloween costume idea. Doug and Russell (cone of shame optional)!

up altamente

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17 cosas que nunca debes decirle a un amante de los perros

17 cosas que nunca debes decirle a un amante de los perros

One of our favorite things about Disney Pixar’s Up, is the extremely lovable dog, Dug, that Carl and Russell encounter on their adventure.

EDIT Over 1000 views! Thank you, everyone I was watching "Up" over spring break a few months ago and felt the urge to draw this afterward. Young Carl and Ellie

Up. The best movie ever.

Director Pete Docter introduces Carl Fredricksen and Russell, the two main characters in Disney/Pixar's 'Up' through new sneak peek video, which also teases more on the footage to be seen.

Pixar's "Up".

Disney/Pixar has released 17 new images for their upcoming animated "Up" film. “Up”, from the Disney Pixar studios, tells the story of 78 year-old Carl Fre

coco spoilers | Tumblr

coco spoilers | Tumblr

this is the portrayal of my dog in a cartoon. seriously, dug is just like my dog!

Dug/Doug is the most trustworthy companion in my favorite Pixar movie "Up." He's not only a comic relief character, but also a serious and brave dog who gets the job done.