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Yes sir!!

What Happened When My Son Got Beat by a Girl - Girl-Jitsu - Supporting Women Jiu Jitsu Athletes

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Lol. So true..... I HAVE to remember this... just joking. I'm always nice to white belts....they often need the motivation and help...

BJJ PIC: A Black belt is a white belt that never gave up. So, remind all the sharks in your gym: white belts should not be devoured.


I remember when he used to do that with me while I had my color belts. Ah, the cuter days.

Lmao my exact look

When you tell someone you train kenpo not jiu jitus and they start making karate hand gestures

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Lol Martial arts, fighters humor, fail memes, mock warriors, plus blackbelt fun stuff

hehe. Did I mention that?

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The only reason im trying for a six pack lol

This was my entire morning today lol