Double industrial and daith

ryanpba: “Double Industrial piercing by Ryan Ouellette, with offset mint green and arctic blue gem orbits by Industrial Strength. Also a healed daith with an Unbreakable heart ring.

Nice basic industrial piercing

Product Information - Product Type: Straight Barbell Surgical Stainless Steel - Gauge Size: 14 Gauge - Total Barbell Length: - Wearable Barbell Length: Jeweled Circle Center Pie


13 Lugares de la oreja en los que tienes que ponerte un piercing

Pill tongue barbel

Hermosos aretes que sólo se verán bien en tu lengua

Tongue piercing that looks like a pill. I'd never pierce my tongue, but I still thought this was pretty cool. - find it ironically funny since i take so many pills a day!

Lannel - Alta bisuteria online de Brasil en España: TENDENCIAS PENDIENTES 2014

With my elf ears this would be crazy! I just realized I am finally in a place where I am actually proud of my weird elf ears and would actually do this (maybe lol). Not long ago I wouldn't even wear my hair up unless I absolutely had to!