Niall is killing me with his hair, his smile, his cuteness, his adorable ness, ugh Niall James horan is gonna be the death of me!

He's getting old😬 not looking young and youthful anymore the dark hair makes him look a lot older I think but I love always


My sister asked why I liked Niall my reply was a long ass paragraph plus this photo attached her reply was "shit"

September Niall with fans at the iHeartRadio music festival in Vegas

Niall Horan of One Direction at the AMAs 2015

Holy sweet baby Jesus, love of my life and I just can't even and oh my goodness and dear Niall please take me away and HOT DAMN!

Niall Horan ❤️

dailyniall: “sienree: No one works harder and is more humble than this handsome fucker here. Vote for my boy in the web at Niall’s category: New artist of the.

My favorite photo with him along with the other 9828262826 pictures...what no I'm not crying-Chloe

His smile lights up a room<<< It lights up the world. EVERY universe and EVERY dimension, his smile lights it all up so bright it's impossible to see.