Umbrellas, Paradenplatz, Zürich, Switzerland - Members of Swiss trade union Unia hold red umbrellas while forming a large fish apparently swimming after a smaller shark in Zurich. The action was reportedly part of a protest against financial sharks.

The Week in Pictures

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JR: App per iPad

French artist JR designs for good causes. The Inside Out Project uses black-and-white portraits as a platform for sharing stories and discussing values.

Artist: EL BOCHO [Blog] * [Facebook] * [Twitter]   wow, check this out Please repin

El Bocho is a German street artist best known for his giant cut-outs and stencils that have been covering the walls of Berlin with both dark and emphatic characters.

Criaturas Urbanas 2013

"Grandpa Dobry" is the latest work of the Bulgarian graffiti legend NASIMO and it was created for SOULS IN WALLS - a project that is part of Urban Creatures -