Those who have hurt you in the past cannot   continue to hurt you unless you hold onto the pain through resentment.  Your   past is the past!  Nothing will change it...  For your own sake, learn from it,   and then let it go. I want a saying like this on me!

Tattoo Ideas For Women Quotes - Ink your body is not just a trend, but a tattoo design ideas is also considered as a lifestyle. Tattoo quotes ideas for women

Foot tattoos sometimes look very cute but require a lot of care! These 20 tattoos are amaziiiiing!

Tattoos on foot: 20 creative ideas and designs

I'm the most determined biggest go getter out there and I've said this so many times. Just watch me :)

Word Tattoos -doubt me then watch me. This is up,there with a poss next tat .

Favorite song EVER. I'll get this quote on me one day.... lexipetree

Floral peace sign and "you belong among the wildflowers" A Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers quote . really pretty love love love Tom petty!