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. . . women healers long ago were known as "witches," a word that came from Old English witan, which meant "to know" or "to be wise.". . witches were the wise women who had a special knack for revealing life's mysterious truths.  — The Woman in the Shaman's Body, Barbara Tedlock

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Use some old rose quarts (and others) Docs Rocks in addition to borax crystals and gold spraypainted rocks on bookends!

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shadow witch, astrologer, daughter of the smoke and bones, the quintessence of the sleepless nights and the greatest evil, the ambassador of the abyss and just not quite a human being

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✨And your eyes, they were green and grey Like an April day, But lit into amethyst When I stooped and kissed✨

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While irregular, naturally shaped crystals are beautiful; a polished, geometric stone evokes a powerful energy.

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Fairy Quartz, Azeztulite, Window Quartz, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Morganite, Rodochrosite, Roses, Verbena Bonariensis and Hosta Flowers - with love from Woodlights Woudllicht

– Capricorn birthstones are amethyst and cat eye crystal What are Capricorn birthstone colors?

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