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Beautiful Cottage Chic Window Seat Decor including the window treatment, baskets of flowers & shutter.

.I want to build these for inside the family room where the windows are. It looks so inviting.

Fluffy cushions-> Window seat cushion is awesome - add a dining table instead of coffee table and we'll get cozy dining area!

**素敵リビング** by サラグレース

Living Room:White Rustic Living Room Rustic Windowpane Classic Chandelier Style White Cozy Sofa Stunning Living Room with White Shade

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Vintage Interior Designs: Get the perfect Living Room Style

How to Get The Best Vintage Coastal Style ~ Top Tip for Great Nautical Beach Decor

How to Get The Best Vintage Coastal Style ~ Top Tip for Great Nautical Beach Decor



Shabby chic is a style of interior design that become more and more popular so we've gathered all these cool shabby chic decorating ideas for you.

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A daybed in the sunroom! I would love this and use my sunroom A LOT more! Sunroom (via Holly Keeling

The old carpet in our sunroom has seen better days: it's worn thin in spots and its dark blue color (which looks like something you'd find in an office building as opposed to a relaxing sunroom) has faded. I had hoped to replace it with tile, but we simply don't have the floor height to do this and still allow the doors swinging into the room to function. Then an idea I liked even better hit me: carpeting the room with wall-to-wall sisal or seagrass:

Sunrooms with Wall-to-Wall Sisal & Seagrass

rustic touches in interiors Courtney Giles Interior Design white kitchen A in a

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Painted Subfloors: What do you think?