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Bazira Chamacar, a mage from the mage academy in Darakkan who´s mainly skilled in the air, earth, mind and sound lores, offer a former friend a magically created fruit.

Ogni cosa ha un prezzo(umani): scarta 2 carte equipaggiamento, poi guarda le prime 5 carte del mazzo imprevisti/mostri e scegline una.

Here's the full art of Chris Rallis' new Liliana spoiled today on the mothership

Keya's most informal wear is usually like this. She is very poised and graceful, but also very short. Keya is a solid 4 feet, 11 inches.

Inner Sea Gods: Divine Servitors

Inner Sea Gods: Divine Servitors

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Art for the Dungeons & Dragons, fifth addition adventure, the Tyranny of Dragons. You can see details here Rezmir

Illustration by Mariusz Gandzel PZO1013-PriestessOfPharasma.jpg (immagine JPEG, 425 × 1000 pixel)

f Wizard dagger urban Illustration by Mariusz Gandzel (immagine JPEG, 425 × 1000 pixel)

Spell 2 by Lanasy on DeviantArt

f Druid Sorcerer multi-class midlvl urban city Psychic with Blue Bees Female Human - Pathfinder PFRPG DND D&D ed fantasy

Desert Elf Witch by LucieHendrych on DeviantArt

black female elf desert woc poc character art -- Desert Elf Witch by LucieHendrych on DeviantArt