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Viking warriors, had to be vigilant all the time... After all, Charlemagne, the emperor of the Franks, and the Pope, had declared a war of total annihilation against them... because they were free pagans, and not tax slaves to the Vatican, and the political christian authorities!!!

Viking warriors, had to be vigilant all the time. After all, Charlemagne, the…

1: Scandinavian mercenary, 10th century  2: Anglo-Danish warrior 9th-10th century  3: Hiberno-norse jarl 11th century  Illustrated by Gerry Embleton

Scandinavian mercenary, century Anglo-Danish warrior century Hiberno-norse jarl century Illustrated by Angus McBride.

Frankish Warrior - 500s AD by Angus McBride. From the Germanic Warrior book in the Man-at-Arms series


Frankish Warrior, c. / Angus McBride, Germanic Warrior, Man-at-Arms series

The fall of Normandy XIIw. : 1. Norman knight, c.1180 2. Breton serjeant, c.1160 3. Welsh auxiliary, c.1200

The fall of Normandy XIIw. : Norman knight, Breton serjeant, Welsh auxiliary, by Angus McBride

The Frank's- member of a Germanic-speaking people who invaded the western Roman Empire in the century.

- Infante Ingles . c. 300 d.C.

0300 - 0399 Infantryman, II Britannica, fourth century AD by Richard Hook


The helmet seems to be from the guard of the Byzantine Emperor. Viking and Saxon that, left England after the defeat of 1066 by the Normans. The royal guards fought to the death to defend the Emperor.

Viking warriors carrying their weapons as the Viking sword

The history of the Vikings is replete with myths, misinformation, romantic notions, and pop culture laziness. The facts about the Vikings are just as interesting as.