William Herondale Cassandra Jean Cassandra Clare "All right, but there was a duck…" Clockwork Prince fanart of Will Herondale!

Rafael Lightwood-Bane | Momotarõ

People have been asking to see more Fairytales, so for a Halloween surprise…! Little Rafael Lightwood-Bane as Momotarō! (if you are unfamiliar with Momotarō, It is a Japanese fairytale. Long story short: A couple finds a baby inside of a peach and.

I think I've saved this twice. I just love this scene so much. These two break my heart. <3

Will and Jem meet for the first time, in the prologue of Clockwork Princess. I was already crying

Livia and Tiberius Blackthorn | Cassandra Jean Tarot Card | The Dark Artifices

Livia Tiberius Blackthorn - Pages of Runes Philia): Cassandra Jean: Shadowhunter Tarot Series: *Characters belongs to Author Cassandra Clare and her Dark Artifices series

Will and jace

Will and Jace from TID and TMI (written by ) It started off as an argument and turned into fisticuffs. “ Anonymous asked you:Hey could you draw Jace Herondale and Will Herondale together?

It is not easy raising a Herondale. xD Will and James

From Cassandra Jean . james herondale, the last hours, the mysterious tlh, william 'will' herondale

Emma and Julian’s parabatai ceremony, complete with the oath and the the three rings of fire - you step from your individual ring into the shared ring, and you draw the rune on each other.

"Parabatai ritual" drawn by Cassandra Jean . emma carstairs, julian 'jules' blackthorn, the dark artifices

Will Herondale

Will Herondale Quote From The Infernal Devices Sorry Will won my heart over Jem. I wanted Will to find some way to be immortal.

"Pero siguen luchando, y siguen aguantando. No se rinden. Eso es lo que los convierte en héroes"~ Clary

Cassandra Jean Cassandra Clare cassandraclare: My birthday present from Cassandra JP — a scene from City of Heavenly Fire! Clary with little Emma. Happy Birthday indeed!

The Mortal Instruments beautiful character sketches

The Mortal Instruments beautiful character sketches This is the most beautiful mortal instruments artwork I have ever seen