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Father Daughter Time...Priceless.

JFK and Caroline Kennedy. Father and Daughter Having a Tea Party at the White House.Being A Father Seemed the Greatest Delight of JFK's Short Life.Especially Since He Came To The Job Late In Life.A Sweet Pic.

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Offer Encouragement to Someone Who Has Failed an Exam or Test

What is self-esteem? What is self-confidence? Discover the difference between the two, plus ideas for improving self-esteem and self-confidence.

What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie that of Sally.Think about it.

Unless Susie hates Sally for no good reason. Then Susie will lie about Sally. And Susie's heart will still be filled with evil, hate, & darkness. Susie can go burn in hell.


30 quotes to inspire travel in To me these words capture the true essence of traveling, escapism and adventure. Reading these travel quotes gives me butterflies.

Today I learned the hard way, I really never had any friends at all. It's it funny how when your up people want to be around you and are always there with open hands but to learn they really never cared about you or your feelings at all. Reality bites! Ouch!

so true! Thanks to all of my true friends.you make life so much better! And thanks to my family members that are also friends :)

Life with Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Pain/Lupus/Rheumatoid Arthritis/CFS - learn to listen to yourself when no one else understands

This quote is even better if you imagine Minerva McGonagall saying it.

This quote is even better if you imagine Minerva McGonagall

Speak your mind even if your voice shakes ~ Maggie Smith (AKA proff McGonagall) I love her

He asked me, "what's your favorite position?" I said "CEO". GirlPower - words - quotes- inspiration

TRUTH "He asked me, 'What's your favorite position?' and I said, 'CEO.